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SAT 10 JAN 2015
Musik / Reise feat... Faust, Mogwai and The Phantom Band plot one-off collaboration
Platform, Glasgow£10.00
FRI 23 JAN 2015
Adrian Crowley and James Blackshaw
Platform, Glasgow7.00 p.m.£12.00
SAT 24 JAN 2015
Mary Hampton, Mike Heron
Georgia Seddon, Louis Baker and Thomas Oliver
Platform, Glasgow7.00 p.m.£12.00

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Maeve O'Boyle


7.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.


Maeve O’Boyle (25) is a singer and songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland with a flair for penning intelligent, captivating songs topped off with a voice that can melt your heart or tempt you to arms.
Maeve’s debut album ‘All My Sins’ was released in 2009 to mass critical acclaim and documented Maeve’s teenage years as a singer and songwriter vying for a place within the ever-evolving music industry.
Having taken a self-imposed break from music, and some three years on, Maeve is gearing up for the release of her second studio album, ‘Being Patient’.
“I’m really excited about this record. It’s clear that I needed the break to experience new things. My enthusiasm for music is back and I feel re-energised and motivated again…”

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The Bridge
1000 Westerhouse Rd
United Kingdom
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