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The Courtesans

Trongate Rum Riots, Splintered Halo




The Courtesans

Hypnotic, skin stroking, bone grinding, mind blowing music. A heady mix of twisted electronica, driven by dirty live guitars and drums.
Explosive, sexually charged performances with a sting in the tail. The fine and gentle art of female expression, sensuality and seduction in the tantalising form of dark burlesque, belly dancing and melting candle wax!!!

The Courtesans: Sinead La Bella on vocals, Saffire Sanchez on guitar, Agnes D Jones on bass and Victoria Brown on drums, are a 4 piece, alternative, all female band with a twist on the dark industrial side with elements of dubstep, electro and rock. The band already has a large fanbase with over 60,000 followers on facebook alone.

Their image plays around with 1900's/1850's/steampunk with heavy overtones of Burlesque. Highly sexual and wildly entertaining performance along with a powerful live set, all go to make The Courtesans gigs true events where audiences are encouraged to dress the part and make the most of an unforgettable show. We believe nothing has been done like this before and no one can do it quite like The Courtesans.

Support will be:

Trongate Rum Riots.
Splintered Halo.

With Entertainment inbetwen the acts from:

Cat Aclysmic, Kim Khaos and Deliah Cocklepop.

With Free Horror painting from Sarahs Scars.


Over 18s

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Classic Grand

18 Jamaica Street
United Kingdom
G1 4QD

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