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Continental Circus Berlin




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In an age where so much entertainment is unreal, made up of special effects, CGI and has a virtual reality, or is pre-recorded, multi-tracked, digitally enhanced or in some other way electronically created – the sheer reality of a live show is a breath of fresh air and the feats and skills seen at Continental Circus Berlin are often so amazing that the circus-goer literally can not believe their eyes.

Circus Funtasia Aerial Swing Act. Photo by Paul Barker

This years spectacular features a unrivalled mix of genuine circus talent from every corner of earth, including:-
•The amazing Matrix Troupe Julio from Bulgaria.
•Keyla Ramache the gyrating Spanish Hula Hoop Queen.
•From Romania Valentin & Partica unbelievable high wire artistes who not only walk the high wire but do so on stilts & even ride a bike along the wire with his wife precariously stood on his shoulders.
•From the UK, Rowan Caeron-Brown on the flying cloud swing.
•Denisa & Aurel ariel strap sensation from Bucharest.
•The Diamond Duo from The Czech Republic on the jaw dropping Wheel of Death.
•From Hungary Zel & Zorka hand balancing wonders.
•From Tanzania the back flipping, fire limboing African Warriors.
•And from Spain, award winning clowns Los Remaches.
•All this is backed by a parade of good time pop & rock hits from the past four decades bringing an age old tradition into the new millennium.

This is the finest Circus to come to town under the Continental Circus Berlin banner and this famous name has always been you guarantee of a great show and a rare treat, great fun & with something for all ages.

Continental Circus Berlin will be touring the UK for a mere 19 weeks so make certain this sure fire hit is definite for your diary this summer.

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